In this article I’m going to dive into the practical importance of this interaction for the purpose of anima and animus integration, but first I’m going to give a quick caveat and that the masculine and feminine ideology, I don’t mean manliness and womanliness,

what I’m referring to is more in the form of yin and yang, these two polar aspect of our personality that every one has, and so we’ve all had a masculine side and we all have a feminine side, and for the purpose of this article I ask you not to really think of it much as a terms of gender, because the gender IE more in terms of a metaphor for something that’s universally human.


It actually is beyond that, so basically you want to think of the masculine and feminine principle as something that’s in everybody and so you have a masculine and feminine side and then everybody else also has a masculine and feminine side as well and so for this, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to integrate the masculine and feminine side through this awareness of ynr perspective both of those sites tend to take .

And so the purpose here is for the general integration of these inner opposites and so you can refer to this as anima and animus integration in the Jungian terns and Also being able to shift back and forth between these two perspectives, so that we can have a deeper sense of emotional wellness and a sharper sense of emotional mastery and so I’m about go go into the difference between the masculine side of the emotional perspectives and the feminine side perspectives on the emotions but I really want to hammer down the fundamentals similarities here, because the similarity is really the cloak to all these things.

So basically what’s similar experience that the emotions are the same regardless of whether you’re natural of that part is to be in the masculine perspective or the feminine perspectives, and so the fundamental awareness of that similarity basically you want to think about our emotional experience being like a city, so just to make an analogy, imagine that all our emotional happiness that occur in our internal landscapes are being like this busting city with lots of buildings and lots of people and that’s of commotion going on and that’s the sane fur everybody regardless of what perspectives they take.

So relate to this city, let’s say that the masculine perspective is like a bird dude view of the city and the feminine perspectives is like a street view of the city. So they’re taking in the sane city but they just have a different perspectives and so when we’re integrating our masculine side or our feminine side or traits or we’re trying to master either one of those things which were essentially doing is that we’re practicing taking the opposites perspectives from what we would normally take and so when a person is disintegrated relate to their masculine side or their feminine side of these emotional ways, what happens is that it jams into one perspective or the other, and so the person either gets jammed up in the birds eye view and can’t actually land, or the person gets jammed down into the street where they can’t actually ruse above and to actually see the big picture nuance.
That’s why it’s really important for us to have these integration between the masculine and the feminine side otherwise we lose perspectives entirely if we can only experience things from one point of view.
And so with that I’m mid I want to go deeper into this metaphor and he able to tell you more about the masculine side perspectives on the emotions and the feminine side perspectives on the emotions.
So I want you to keep in mind that the masculine side is that birds eye view and so if you Cajun think about the way that a bird see things, just imagine that the city again is our emotional cure and its somebody who is able to look down and see all the major landmarks and all of the major buildings and have a good overall layout throughout that city bit they’re also are not necessarily seeing the details that the bird can, maybe see all the buildings and everything but they couldn’t necessarily see all of the different things going on down in the street like all of the people walking down that looks like and, they probably won’t get a clear sense of the sounds and the smell going on down there because they’re too far away to hear those nuance of the big city and so on the positive side for the masculine perspective relative to the emotions, we have somebody that van look. At the emotions from a distance which will enable a persona healthy kind of stoicism to be able to look at the emotions and to decide whether or not they’re want to do these particular actions or that particular actions, it’s also really good for quick strategic decisions making, so there’s this kind of decisiveness that comes from mastery of these masculine perspective.

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