Now the self is one of Carl Jung’s model of the psyche, there’s the persona, the ego, the shadow, the animal/animus and then there’s the self.

Now in my last article, I mentioned how the ego is the center of the person’s consciousness and its everything we identify ourselves with like when we use the world I, to describe ourselves we’re actually talking about the ego, it’s what we think we are but underneath the of the ego, underneath what we think we are, there’s something more real there something more substantial and this is the self.

The Self is actually the true center of consciousness and in fact it’s consciousness in general, the entirely of the psyche is made up of the self, but the self is also the center of the psyche, so as we see beneath the layer of the ego and as we integrate, our shade and as we get more and more into that with the deeper layers of the psyche and we become more and more in touch with the self.
The self archetype within us is the higher self, it’s the aspect of ourselves that in touch with sources consciousness and its has access to the unconscious mind and it also has access to the divine wisdom.
A fascinating thing about the self is that it already knows all the insight that we ever need to know, so when it comes to which path we should take or spiritual truth, the self already knows about various truths be it cringe truth to you because deep down, you know that it was true to just kw it’s being put into woods and it sort of has being crystallized and now it can emerge fourth For the self and the self has thus intelligence to just know which path are worth taking and which paths are not worth taking so to be in touch with the self, in a really substantial way means to have clarity.

Now it may not seem like you know all of these things that the self knows but you do, buy the only reason why you’ve forgotten those things is because you’re developed on which is a natural outgrowth of being a human being, and so when you develop the ego, what you’re saying is that this here is me and then everything else outside of that small range is not me and so we forget all of the things that fall outside the small range that will identify with.

Now when we’re a new born baby before, we really know of ourselves as the separate individual from everything else out there. We’re in that state of self. We’re still in touch with that aspect of ourselves that is good and is the higher self, and it hasn’t quite yet crystallized and formed into an ego but as soon as we learn that we are separate from everything else, in the world and in the universe then we start to get the sense of self other and it’s that sense of self and others that creates the illusion of the ego.
Now as we move through childhood and the ego develops in more and more complex ways, we start to pair things off our ego and we start to Regine our ego down because they’re certain things that we want to have associated with our self concept and there’s certain other things that we don’t want to have associated with our self concept, and so for example if we learn that a particular trait is bad or if we get punished for a particular trait, we might find that away, we might take that trait and then relegate it to the shadow, which is an unconscious place where all of our traits that we don’t want to have associated with our ego structure gets relegated to.

And so if there’s a particular trait that we don’t like and we think it’s going to undermine the ego or harm the ego in some way that’s when we make it unconscious to ourselves.

Now the problem with cutting away these aspects of ourselves is that it’s a literal aspect of ourselves that we’re disowning, it’s literally like taking a part that’s literally 100% you and then saying I hate you so much that I don’t want you to be a part of me and then you put it in the shadow.

And so its actually a huge trauma each time you do that and it’s literally just cut way your ability to be conscious, it cuts away your ability to be whole and so the problem of putting these traits on the shadiw is actually a rather big problem, now when it comes to that very first huge repression, the one where we say “this is me, and then everything outside of this is barrier of skin is not me, and that is the biggest repression that’s well ever have because we have this in here that’s is and then we have an infinite world out there,

that we say is of us, and it’s not true because everything is 100% Co related and so even the far of distant stars in the sower are an aspect of our Self and we’re an aspect of it, everything is interconnected and when we say this is me and everything is else is not me, that’s a huge problem.

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