The persona in the Jungian psychological model is part of the Jungian theory and it’s the aspect of that model that’s concerned with how we present ourselves to the world.

So basically the social mask that we put on in order to fulfill particular rules within a society and when they have different facilities of out persona that we use at different times.

So for example, our patient may be different to hoe it is at work, and this is quite natural because essentially what this persons is, is a tool that’s being able to function within a society matrix and it’s the face that we show to the world, it’s the selective lens fit what we allow other people to see about us and infact this is how other people come to know us as to our persona.

The next is despite the fact that our persona is so elementary to our functioning and our social matrix and how other people come to know us, it’s really a drop in the gallon bucket when it comes to the entire psyche, in fact it’s the most superficial later of the Jungian psychology model.

Now a lot of people don’t realize that the persona is surface level and they think that they are their person and I’ll get into that a little bit later bit I think in order to sloe the surface level nature of the persona, we as modern people have a really useful metaphor that we can look at.

So if we let’s say a social media profile, clearly we have a lot of different things that we cab choose on that profile as a way to present ourselves to others on the internet, so we cab feel out our about me section and we cab show what’s going on in our lives by showing people pictures, we can choose what to post, you know.
And that’s essentially what you’re doing when you’re creating your persona, you’re pitting on this mask for the world to see so that people can some to know you as this particular person and this particular identity but they most people would not make the mistake of actually conflicting themselves with the persona that they create and choose to do.

And so in order to frankly understand what’s the persona is and ho not to over identify with it, we have like 3 main things that we have to know the first is that the persona is not the self, it’s just one small aspect of the self.

The second thing is that the persona is not fixed and its bot something that you were just given at birth and there is that’s your persona. You have to active construct your persona and so you can always change your persona to. Anything you want.

The third is that the persona is not the Ego, now it’s quite common for these two to get mixed up because they do have sort of a similar feel to them and they’re used in similar ways, but really what’s the persona is, is your social mask. It’s how you present yourself externally for Functioning In the world, whereas the ego is more internal, it’s a layered steep, so the ego is everything that you believe yourself to be, even though it is s rather small area of the psyche competed to the entire rest of the psyche.

It’s usual more expensive than the persona, usually it’s more things that you identify with them what you actually present to the world. Now having said that for most people, the persons is having informed by the ego and so we tend to create our social mask if it ruins with the ego structure. Now If someone has a weaker undeveloped ego they may make the mistake of only identifying with their persona so the person and the ego would essentially be the same thing but this is very unhealthy because the person is by its very nature very superficial and narrow, so if you narrow your ego down to the level of persona it creates a lot of problems.

Now the problem of identifying only with the person tend to happen in young teenagers. So they may come to be identified with a particular style of music or s particular chick of some kind and they may try to present themselves Inna way that’s congruent to that, and they don’t want anything else to contradict what’s that is.

So for example, if there a kind who gets really into rap music and they might think “oh I don’t listen to any other kind of music and I’m only going to dress this way and I’m only going to talk this way and I loved the hard life and that’s the only way that I am, and anything that basically fall out of that range of me being a rapper is not going to be acceptable.

For them to take in their persona and perhaps that’s not even acceptable for them go accept as part of their ego, so that can be a problem, now as I said this is an outgrowth of underdeveloped ego, and so it makes sense that a lot of teenagers do that because teenagers are just constructing their identity.

So they essentially take these templates in the form of these different styles of music and different type of chick and use it as their clay that they can mould.
Now the problem is that they don’t actually mold it but they just want to take it like straight as it is and only be that, but it can also be a decent template for building up the personality it’s quite natural for teenagers to do that. And usually by the age of 15 or 16 a person is starting to get a bit more of a refined personality around that basic idea so even if let’s day somebody really identified with rock music and that’s was all they were about when they were 14, it usually when they’re 15 they start to read some nuance into that personality because they’re building up a more complex ways.

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