Now having said that the majority of us still somewhat believe that they are the persona, but there more likely to see it as just one aspect of themselves, so they’re more likely to realize that they aren’t just the way they come across off to people, now as I said before the ego and the persona are usually pretty congruent with one another but they can be done in congruence.

Let’s say if a person has a trait that they know it they believe that the society won’t accept it them or they know they’re friends or family won’t accept in them.

So the lack of allowing a trait jnto the person and actual full blown repression now of course, not expression a particular trait and the person is not ideal but it’s not quite the same as the guy unconscious to that trait. Now the next part of the article I’m going to be going over 7 different problems that can be experienced with regardless to the particular persona, so the first one is not creating a creating at all. So essentially what the person is that it is a tool for functioning I’m the society so if a person neglects to create a persona or had an understanding persona, what they’re going to find is that they’re not able to adopt very well socially because this is how people come to know them if they don’t really have an ideas of how they’re coming off to people or what they’re personally is that other people see they’re not going to be able to function as effectively in a social way.

The second persona problem is constructing your persona in such a way that it doesn’t allow for the expression of the full depth and breath of the personality, so Mother one of my videos I spoke about how people have a pre conditioned personality, a lot of times, people would think that a person’s personality us just a conglomeration of different social construct but this actually isn’t true.

There’s something that there even before the society enacts itself upon you. You’re just s black side and so if you construct a person that doesn’t allow that natural phenomenon to come out. Then you’re going to move with some issues and the third persona issue is for someone who doesn’t have a persona traits to narrow and its only identical with or a few different social rules.

And do for example if somebody is a doctor an that’s all they are, they don’t have any interest at all aside of being a doctor, and that’s what they identify as and iI think a really good example of this would be in the movie Black Swan.
Where the main character that’s played by Nathalie Portman who’s so obsessed with being a dancer like that’s her while entire life she never really does anything else other than that, her whole entire life is basically this huge sacrifice for dance, do she becomes very neurotic as a result and there’s this one scene, where she’s meeting this guy at the bar and she can’t really loosen up and he asked her a question and she replied she’s a dancer that was Te first thing she say, she didn’t go straight to her name and her persona would be essentially in that movie rect per dream, where the character was played by Ellen Bernstein and she’s basically this old mother kind of figure where she lives alone and her son hardly ever comes to bust her, her husband passed away years ago and you could tell that the only thing that she ever identifies with were being a wife and being a mother and I think beauty is also a part of her past identification but because she uses this in the sense of like path.

In that way of the movie she has a lot of fantasies about going back and having her husband see her and being the mum and you know maybe the sun is going to have some kind and she’s going to wear a red red dress and be beautiful again, and she gets into like this fantasy of like trying to be the way that things were in the past and here that person that she’s already out grown and so because there are very narrow and we’ve actually very time sensitive the way that she was identifying.

Now she’s stuck with not really having a persona, which goes back to the very last problem that I mentioned of not being a persona, so she lost that ability to really function in a society and then she ends up in a lot of really negative situations.

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