Now Carl Jung thought that the anima presented itself in four main stages and having a pretty singular phase so the first stages of the Anima and the most undeveloped form of the anima is the eve based anima.

This form of anima is where women are only seen and related to as sexual objects and things to have sex with basically, and in this state, the feminine side is not going to be well developed.

And he’s gong to have a lot of issues with repression and with anima possession, they also have a tendency to see woman largely as non-virtuous and sort of like pulling all the strings and these women have control all over them through his baser sexual drive towards woman.

those ruled by the eve archetype have little to no direction in life and he won’t be able to follow his emotional guidance System, he’ll have to self doubt and he would be kind of a spineless person, you know he won’t be able to have courage because those things of the heart come from the anima.

The next stage of the anima development is Helen, just like Helen and Troy, in this stage women can be seem as having agency in the world, like women could be seen as being able to do things but they’re still largely seen as non-virtuous and kids of pulling the strings, you know and this kind of men would feel like he doesn’t have a pull over his personality and while a man ruled by Helen might be able to get enough power to make his life go in a particular direction there would be a lack of imagination and lack of beat to it, because the connection to the anima is also connection to the creativity and the creativity is part of the feminine principle.

The third stage of the anima development is the Mary stage, and this stage is based off the virgin Mary and in this stage women can be seen as having s free agency and are soon as virtuous but only virtuous, so it’s kind of steeped in dogma, so this man night be able to do things and have a decent relationship but he does not see woman as being a fully formed people. And he also kinds of shy’s away from things that are more authentic to him emotionally because it does have the dogmatic judgement placed over reality about things that are maybe more.

He would want to do but then he has the ideas that I shouldn’t do and it’s like a big brick wall there, this stage of all having a higher level of development doesn’t grant you any access to the unconscious mind, in order to do that, you have to he a lot less dogmatic and more open-minded, and so a man ruled by Mary might be okay in the external world. But internally he might not be able to access the wisdom that only comes from full integration of the anima which is the fourth Stage.

Now the fifth stage is called Sophie is basically the embodiment of wisdom and when a man gas fully integrated his feminine side, he’ll be able to view wisdom as unique individuals who are capable of both good and bad things he would see women as a partner and somebody to be related to as a human being and a full fledged out individual but being more importantly fur him, internally he’ll have the access to the unconscious mind because Sophia is the mediator between spirits and matter and the unconscious and the conscious mind and so in being able to be in touch with that and to become one with that and integrate that, they he’s able to access wisdom and he’s able to apply his logos to the feminine era and basically be able to create and to act from that Space and so you see integrating the feminine side has a lot of bounce that we’re but really super conscious of and I think, in bout culture particularly and this is getting a bit better in recent years but there’s this sort of urging for men to be super masculine, and unfortunately it’s very sad because very many men can’t do the things that’s going to bring them to greater form of wholeness and reintegration and so this are cultural attitudes that we want to skurt off because we want to make sure that every one can integrate their inner opposites but if course if somebody does not integrate they inner yin qualities and develop then and make then a fully whole within the person, then that part is going to go into the shadow and the shadow cab get really dense and what would happier is called anima possession and with anima possession that’s kind if like the underdeveloped eve form of the archetype that I’ve mentioned before.

The men would feel controlled by women and would feel like all the women outside hold the cards and then that basically they won’t be able to do anything about it do this type of men would be moody surfing and irrational and he won’t have any direction in life, he won’t be able to set any goals and make them come true.

He might experience the feelings of misogyny and the feeling of deep unfairness like why was I born a man and be night also have issues with female family members like his mother, his wife, OT his sister.

And so this problem definitely reflect themselves out on the environment, hell always have trouble with being creative or being imaginative and he’ll be basically disconnected from his emotions and so when a person gets disconnected from their emotions then things get very fuzzy and you don’t know which direction you want to go in and then life becomes just this repetitive action of going around and around and around and never being able to fully commit to a path and just basically being in a state of constabt chaos and confusion.

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