Now how does someone integrate the animus so that we avoid the potential for anima possession. The first thing you want to do and this comes right at the fore front is to accept and value your emotions, honour your emotions, see your emotions as being valid, because the emotions are so much about what motivates us and so even if we ignore them, they’re still there and our emotions don’t go swat just because we don’t want them to be there, cause we ignore them.

They are actually messages from the unconscious mind and when they can’t get proper expression or the needs don’t get met. that’s when we’re dealing with an Anima possession, you also want to focus on developing yourself internally in a way that might not be super obvious to the external world , so you might want to get a meditation practices or contemplation practice or a form of introspection you want to develop your nurturing dude, your loving side and if you feel like you care about someone, express that, so in order to do this, you’ll really want to chunk out the masculine social lit expectations and that masculine person that so many people value.

You want to chunk that out completely and get really honest with what’s true for you, because to be in touch with the anima is to be in touch with one’s authenticity and also you May want to talk to women that you normally wouldn’t talk to, a lot of times men with the underdeveloped anima will only see women as sexual objects. So talk to someone like this and older women or something like that.

Somebody whose out of your age rage that you would never think of as being a romantic partner in anyway and get to know them or like just make friends with somebody who has just children like maybe they have a little girl that you can see as somebody whose individual and so attempt to see the opposite gender person or with the same gender person if you happen to be masculine women.
As a whole integrated person, that’s going to be very positive or with the same fever person if you happen to be very positive because many men who are stuck with animals possession have lost the ability to do things.

Also if you’re someone who engages in s lot of intellectual bypasses or spiritual bypassing, what you’re going to want to go is to start taking actions unless the things in your mind, so if you’re caught in a loop of fantasies as men with the anima possessions often do, or if you find that you just send a lot of time alone just going over and over.

The same old things then you’re going to want to take action on your thoughts as long as they’re positive. You know and make things happen for yourself, show yourself that you’re capable of directing and forward movements.

And so you what to think about integrating the anima as like adding salt to a dish. It makes it take better, it enhances what’s already there and so if you’re a person whose concern about being more masculine and you resist to accept your feminine side, then you’ll think about this like the salt of that, the enhancer to your masculinity because you have to think of the feminine as being the soil from which your masculinity grows.

And in some way, a woman’s animus that is the soil from which get femininity grows, now that we’ve talked quite a bit about the anima let’s talk about the anime and how it presents itself in women and feminine men. So when the anima which has a fairly singular image the animus has a multi farce kind of image that can basically reflect out onto various men that a women might know.
And so the main thing about the animus is that it had like a particular quality of men that for the personality associated with it.

So a woman who has a well integrated animus is going to be somebody who has opinions of her own who has directions in life.

Who can pursue goals who can take her emotions and be able to logically and rationally understand them to take that logo elements and to become more aware of what’s internally to her, so basically it allows for a greater degree of analytical prowess to integrate to her.
So basically, it also helps her to have directions in life, and so just like men Have four stages to develop their anima, the woman also have 4 main stages as well and so the first one is the man of mere physical power and it’s like the first stage of animus development in a woman and this type of woman isn’t going to have a lot of control over her own life she’s going to be looking for this strong tall man, that’s going to protect her and provide further and she’s going to be some the damsel in distress and it really just kind of decorum to his own physical power.

The second level of animus development in a woman the man of action and romance, though in this the woman would see men as people who are capable of setting forward plans and that what she’ll be secretly in a man or any kind if male companionship or friendship and she’ll see that as the quality of the masculine and so while she might have her own preferences In options.

She’s still going to be looking for a man to provide that for her, so she’ll be looking for the fulling along type with whatever her significant other does.

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