So basically what the anima and the animus is in the Jungian psychology model is that there are two anti-phomoric archetypes, one representing the feminine and so the theory goes that in any man is an unconscious masculine aspects called the animus, and so if you think about it like a yin and yang symbol, it’s kind of like the blocked out within the way or the ways that between the black so we each contain out inner opposites making that psychologically androgynous and Jung positive that it’s very important for us to own our inner opposites traits, so if we’re a man, we need to own our feminine side and if we’re a woman, we need to own our masculine sides and not repress them. Away.

This is because it the anima and the animus are not integrated, they become part of the shadow and the shadow then gets projected out unto other people, so if we regret our masculine side, we will project that part of ourselves negatively but towards men or we would do the opposite with women if we repress our animals it will end u being projected into all women in the group within our society.

The way that Jung saw it was that men were ruled by logo so the rational, the logical and the intellectuals and women were ruled by Aires that is the loving, the caring and the compassionate and the unified.

And because the goal of creating a healthy ego is integration and becoming the most individualistic and the most strongest person that you can be, he said that the lack of integration of our inner opposites was something that was standing in the way.

So somebody who’s underdeveloped, there’s really no Jungian symbol instead of facing that full circle inside the larger circle they would have just minor pin points was what he said. Also with the anima and animus being archetypes this is now part of our ancestral morning and Steven though it might not be influenced by the external environment and maybe over anima and animus might be associated with a particular type of person or even a particular people.
But it really comes from that internal unconscious and the animus and the anima when fully integrated are actually mediators between the unconscious and spiritual to the conscious mind, and do to have a fully developed anima or animus is what we need to basically be compete in ourselves, in order that we night access wisdom.

Now a lot of people might think that the interpretation is a bit outdated because in Jung’s tine, we tend to look a gender in a very binary Way. Where men were just men and women were just women and it was even quite radical for him at that time to suggest that a man develop his feminine side or that a woman develop their masculine sides.

You know that was pretty radical but now with the acceptance of the LGBT community and also kind of mire of an acceptance of smartphone expressions, we have to see that maybe gender falls a little bit more on a scale.

And my thoughts on how gender tends to play out is that most people are relatively poor, let’s say 75% of the people. And if women will be a little bit feminine with a little bit of masculine and men would be mostly men and just a little bit of feminism and if I were to kids of map myself on this I would say that I’m 85% masculine and 15% feminine and if I were going to apply statistically.

But of course we’ve all met women who are more polarly masculine and more polarly feminine, it’s his part of the human expression everybody is an individual and in their time when Jung was working that was seen as wrong or a dysfunctional thing whereas now we’re starting to recognize it more as just a basic expression of humanity.

So what I would say for somebody who’s a little bit less traditional or let’s say if you’re a woman who’s a little bit more masculine or a man whose a little bit more feminine, when you go to think of anima or the animus this about whatever your polarity happens to be and then develop the opposite of that.
So for example if you’re a woman who is polarly masculine in many ways, you would want to develop the feminine character part of that or vice versa or with a man whose polarity feminine, you want to develop an inner masculine side.
So it’s going to vary so much from person to person but that’s how I would kind of tell you to sort of adapt the principles from back then then and the society that mung lived in, to kind of adapt it to how we are now, but another thing to understand about this masculinity feminity signature with us and this Ratio like a lot of times we think that we can affect this because there are a lot of things I find on the internet where men are trying to sort of polarize their masculinity and they kind of become the alpha male and I find this to be a little bit short sighted because what has to be realized is that all particular signatures is actually consistent, it can really be changed.

But we can however express in different ways from those energies but those polarity energy is that the yin and yang within us remains the way that it is in a pre-conditioned state.

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