So it’s important to understand that you’re going to want to be developing something that is there for you already. You know so you want to become conscious of what is there and you’re not trying to look at the fact that you’re a man and you want to be more in touch with my feminine side so that means I have to be this, this and this way.

What I mean is that you have to look for traits that are inherent to you and then you start to develop then to their animus to the maximum level. The goal is to learn how to develop both sides of yourself without having to put up a caricature masculinity or a caricature feminity.

Because that would go 180 degrees in the wrong direction and you want to go in and you want to be as authentic as possible when you go to integrate your anima and animus because you don’t want to go things that feel unnatural to you bit you save to release the resistance to things that do feel natural to you.
That you might be avoiding because you identify strongly with your gender and maybe you want to seem polar in some way or another animus like you want to be pulling feminine or polarity masculine. So you have to let go and release resistance to the inner opposites instead of trying to contain it, so in the same way that it takes a sperm and an egg to make an individual of either gender, we psychologically androgynous meaning that we have yin energy and yang energy that are just inherent in us, so I’m go8g go ahead and animus to give you some examples of your first because we as a society are a little bit more familiar with animus yang.
And this is an implicit ties to the masculine principle and to men are generally more predominantly yang and we live in a fairly yang oriented society and so we’re probably quite animus  familiar with these values, family however and yin values haven’t really being acknowledged and explored the full depths and breaths of that yet as a society and so you really have to kind of go digging into yourself to find those because those are internally based anyway.

And do they’re just a little bit more mysterious that way and already take some time to cultivate those values and so we tend to think of feminity as a beauty, maybe we night relate it to emotional sensitivity or motherhood, but those are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what yin us and what the feminine principle is.

Now the masculine principle are externally things and so they just aren’t a little bit more obvious naturally Judy as the male genitalia is a little bit more obvious how it works and the feminine genitalia

And I kind of think that maybe these generalizes might have being based on ancient people just noticing that difference and kind of relating the infernal to feminine and the external to masculinity, but they aren’t also just a little bit more of what comes to mind right away like the things that are basically your doing and transforming nature, the actions that you take and femininity has more to do with being and the internal experience and so yang which has an implicit the to the masculine principle us everything external, it’s the doing nature, Purpose goal setting having an agenda and being that units the world.

So I want to remind you they are is they are feminine and masculine traits they are in every single person, in varying degrees so everyone has a capacity to develop these traits within themselves, it’s not naturally exclusive and it has being in fact according to Jungian theory and my personal opinion is quite destructive to repressed awake your inner opposites because it undermines the authenticity and creates a very dense shadow but there’s a lot of their that’s relative to integrating these inner opposites dudes because socially the things that are valuable and valued more are popular masculinity and polar femininity and so very often let’s say if a man really values having a masculine persona, he might be tempted to repress away the femininity in himself that even repudiate in other people and also when it comes to the inner masculine.
In a woman, she might have the tendency to repress those parts in himself too.

Because she wants to see more feminine and more attractive and more socially accepting and so there are some bonus that actually outwardly to repressing seat these things but you want to resist these bonus you want to detach from any outcome at all because our intention us to be psychologically whole and to really gave a deep inner understanding of ourselves.

And any kind of joy that we might get from sine masculine sides Jr some feminine façade is really just anyway conjured to the ability to be completely authentic and to be a fully developed individual.

Now to discuss the anima a little wow, how does this present itself in men and women so basically the anime is looking for how it would present itself in a way that is fully integrated and so a man acting from a fully developed anima would be able to show compassion and caring and unity and he won’t have to always be logical and share.

Hell be emotions and he’ll be a lot more emotional, intelligent and a well developed as a person, but a man who does not have a well developed anima will basically be under the control of anima possession.

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