Like I mentioned before, in the previous articles, stocks with easy to remember ticker symbol tend to go better in the overall broad market, investing are hopefully grabbing at anything that they can get that doesn’t need to get probably worst, so the expectation is ticker to be going up in price like this just look at the stock, there are relatively small Chinese companies with the ticker symbol FANGDD.

Apparently that was enough for traders to pour out the company driving up the price 1250% within the day ticker ending the day with a 400% gain, and it was estimated that over 9k Robin hoof users own the stocks by Wednesday noon.

Then doubled the amount the day prior this absolutely was no rationale, no reason, no fundamentals behind this other than the stock ticker symbol resembles FANGD, that’s it.

Of course you might be asking yourself why it you want to Know Into the mindset of behind someone who’s doing this. Look no further than here.

Even though the 84 year old billionaire legend Carl Icahn dumped his entire stake in the company, but that didn’t stop my Gerber 29 years from Seattle from seeing that as an opportunity, he said that the brand name holds value and the company operates a high fleet of cars and so far Mr Gerber has made thousands of dollars from hertz stock options.

Now the problem with this is this it’s more deeper with retook investing and its very easy to get carried away I’ll be honest, this is beginning to remind me a lot of the crypto currency bubble into elate 2017.

Except now, gambling is justified and disguised under the veil of investing and even though a lot of those companies are not worthless and they do have a lot of value unlike the crypto currency back in the late 2017.

There’s just a common mindset that you should buy into the highly trained and only because someone else is willing to pay more money layer on and you could make a profit, now if you want to make the distinctions that going and investing Arly a hard hit company with solid fundamentals long term is not what I’m taking about here.

But instead I want to address the gambler, matching that it’s really like a game of musical chars knowing that a company is about to be worthless but hoping the price would go up enough to make a profit and that can leave someone else holding the bag.

I think it would be easier to see someone like Dave who was insanely rich and seeing him throwing In a egregious amount of money in stocks and think to yourself, well if he could invest 500k then I should be safe within my investment that I.

Had. And even there’s plenty of disclaimers saying that you should not follow what he’s saying and inevitably a lot of people will follow what he’s doing and that’s not to say that some of the stock prices are not good because I still think she see value in some of these companies.

So it’s not exactly fair to compare that to crypt currency but the problem is, at its core there’d this is rationalized gambling, it’s not investing, unfortunately I think I this is going to burn a lot of people who confuse investing with gambling and I’d you find yourself in this position just understand the risk that are involved that you can lose a significant portion of your money and only invest or gamble money that you can afford to lose.

Now in terms of the general fundamental investing fundamentals that are going in right now. It’s relatively simple, interest rates are going to remain as it is, the FED is continent to support the market and because there sit a lot of places you can go and put your money for a positive return people are just going and putting it in stock market and in real estate which I’d just drawing up the price.
Some companies ended up seeing an overall correction and have risen a lot over the last two months but their performance is really going to depend on the market next year or so.

In terms of how much demand comes back.
That’s why the age old saying of buy and hold and invest consistently still apply here, the entire market is very unpredictable and we have no idea what’s going to b happening in the short term, that’s why it’s better just to buy in and then keep buying in on a consistent basis, if prices go down, well you have a chance to buy it even cheaper and if the prices goes up, congratulations you’ve made a prior and then you can go and buy more.

If you just go and invest in a bride index fund then none of this is really apply to you, you’ll just go and get your pop corn sit back and then be entertained and washed but what’s going on is that some if this individuals stocks is just gambling and sure there is the possibility of making a lot of money but there’s also even greater possibility that you can lose a lot of money but there also a reason why someone like David is not investing his entire money in the stocks.

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