I know most of you have heard of the saying time in the market beats timing the market and I really believe that everything you need to know about basic investing can easily be summed up in a few words and for 95% of the people that same advice would see them now until the end I’d retirement.

That’s my some of my guest investing articles all seem repetitive from time to time because the long term strategies really don’t change and to keep things interesting I’ll talk about other finances relayed topics and brew worthy events that I myself want to comment on and I think it’s important to know what’s going on day to day.

Now some people might find this unbelievable, other people might find it really entertaining and I’m sure most of you would have your jaw dropped to the floor when I bring this up, but in the last few weeks there’s being a big comeback with the new type of investing.

Now I’m not talking about forex traders but it’s day traders who are making some incredibly risky investment for some serious profits, and I’m talking about people who have being able to double or triple their money in a matter of hours or days and this is something we absolutely need to talk about because they’re being able to move the market in some really dramatic ways. Let me show you what I’m talking about because I couldn’t believe it when I read until I discovered it was true.

First I don’t even know where to start because we have a lot here so we’ll just begin with this, CBC just posted that the market has gone wild, penny stock are nearly 80% on average in the last week. And just really sticks trading over 914 have had an average gain of nearly 80% in the last week and much of that movement was caused by retailers and investors who are looking to buy beat up companies for a quick profit and in a way the writing WA on the wall for something like this to happen because over the last few months, stocks reading brokages have reported a record amount of new sign-ups almost as if it was doing from previous record numbers by the millennials and really by the increased population of free functional trading the barrier to entry now to invest is basically nothing seriously with as little as a dollar, you can invest in any company you want to completely free, even amazon and I think that’s huge change to the entire industry that gave made investing accessible to anybody with a phone, that’s like leading some really incredibly stock market profits like this.

Now one can not talk about the stock market rally without mentioning one of the most perplexing of all of them and that would be the hertz rental cars, two weeks ago, hertz rental cars filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and the famous billionaire investor Carl Icahn sold his entire Stake for 70cents a share leaving him with a 1.8 billion dollar loss, so here’s the thing when it comes to chapter 11 Bankruptcy, this type of bankruptcy does not mean the company is necessarily gone forever, but instead it more about restricting and reorganization of the company’s debt but it also means that all the outstanding stocks in the company could be rendered completely worthless, if they have to sell those stocks to pay off their debt.

The company would then be delisted from the stock exchange and then relisted later on as a pretty stock, so when it comes to bankruptcy law the stock holder are always going to be last inline to receive any sort of payout. They’ll be behind their lawyers, they’ll be behind their least obligations you name it.

So really as a share holder, recovering any sort of money from a bankrupt company is going to be highly unusual, so in other words, the company has a very high likelihood that this stock is going to be worth absolutely nothing very soon. But that’s apparently does not discourage people from investing within company to try to make a quick profit, thereby driving up the price by 500% in a few days.

And Hertz was not the only bankrupt company to go this, CNBC mentions other Bankrupt companies saw their share price skyrocket, they mentioned hertz whitting petroleum, X penny all saw their share price at least surge to 70% some more than doubling after declaring bankruptcy.

The logic behind this Is that people think the worst is over, they’ve already declared bankruptcy, hoe much worst can it get, I’m going to buy in and take a bit of actual and want for things to eventually improve and then I can sell it off for a profit.

And of course, if you time it right, you end up making a lot of money now it was suggested that a lot it the trailing volume and price actually came from Robin Hood which hertz as soon as they were announcing the position of a bankruptcy, people bought jn, but record numbers and then of course it went over the chord.

The same with J. C penny, these users are sending up the stocks higher than ever as soon as there was even a rumor about bankruptcy driving up the price form there.

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