A lot of times when our problems is, when we’re trying to heal from a difficult situation is that we tend to be too abstract, OT we tend to complicate it with notions that we’ve learned out of views other resources and we hardly ever think to look in our first hand experience, so in our first hand experience you have to understand that the correct of our awareness is mostly consistent of six things.

Now I’ve had a couple of people say that oh you know we have more than just those 6 there are more sense experience, but those are things that I’m not aware of personally like there’s nothing that I’m not actually aware that I’m experiencing some other sensory ability that can be something too.

Alright, so primarily what you’re experiencing is your 5 senses and thoughts and all that is being perceived by your awareness, so you have to make a distinction there that you need to have the content of your awareness, your 5 senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and then you have thoughts which all these things are being perceived by awareness, so of all of those modes of perception, all that content within your awareness, where does the difficult time actually happen?

Well it happens in two different areas, you ever think that because it has an emotional element to it like where in those things are entwine actually located, so if those are the only thing that we’re experiencing, how do we know how we feel, so the thing about emotions is that its actually a combination of two of those things which is thoughts and sensation. So touch sensation feeling symbolic.
So this is going to be very important to remember for later in this article because it’s going to come back up when we’re actually going through, the process but first I want to talk about a few other things, and so one of those things is that I want to talk about how a difficult time is actually created and how it comes to be. And normally we think when somebody experiences a hard time or is going through one.

That it actually directly caused by the external experience, so for example maybe a common hard time that people might experience and would feel like and made fun of as a kid and then people tend to think “oh since I was made fun of as a kid, so that has become a difficult time for me and that’s not the case because no extend occurrence no matter how extreme those occurrence are, are actually causing the difficult time, the experience is solely caused by the content of your thoughts relative to the content within those sensation, so it’s all an emotional thought based creation that these things create, so they are always internally created, not externally.

So I’ll kind of go through the step process for how you actually come through with those difficult situations. Alright, so the first thing that happens is that we have an experience of some kind, now these can be varying in levels of intensity all the way down to just somebody said something to upset me or all the way down to the bad things or something like that because there’s a wide range of what caused a difficult times because essentially out in nature, everything is quite neutral and the way that you interpret is what actually gives you that bad experience.

So it would be any bad experience that you have that caused the experience, even if it’s fairly minor, in fact there was even a story where somebody had a sustained experience from a parent learning to go to the store. Even though they were fine, you know and they come back a few minutes later, they weren’t unsupervised nothing, actually bad happened but the person still used later was experiencing the neurosis and the complexities as an effect From that.
Because in their childhood mind, they had already made that situation mean something negative.

The second part of the process of how a bad experience is created is that an emotion comes up, usually a very strong emotion and usually a very strong negative emotion, so we feel bad because of the experience that we just had or maybe we feel confused or some other emotions that must too big for us to handle.

The third thing that happens is that we create a label and thought about our experience, so se have a lot of beliefs and thoughts coming up all at once in relation to that experience and they all kids of get crossed up together.
So basically it’s these beliefs that we come out with relative to those thin that makes us resistant to the emotion that we just experience and it makes us sort of tighten up, so that we don’t have to experience that strong negative emotion every again.

So it kind of creates a protection mechanism form the emotions and from the negative situations that was experienced and that’s what creates the experiences.

So what you should remember is that the trauma is solidified and so basically because of your thoughts and beliefs being in a particular way, and so because of you bring emotionally Buoyant in a particular situation.

It’s all those things together that creates and cements a bad experience, now this can be a Little bit difficult to stomach because we don’t like to think about a trauma being something that we create ourselves and it feels a little bit like victims blaming themselves.

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